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Ismail Ope
2 Mount Street
M2 5WQ

Raising the bar for the industry

In 2010 our co-founders started the London Software Craftsmanship Community, the first and largest Software Craftsmanship community in Europe, and led the way to inspire and help with the creation of many other communities around the world. What started as a shared sense of purpose has grown beyond its original epicentre and has become our guiding ethos at Codurance.

Why Codurance is different

Our Software Craftsmanship roots formed at a time when ideas were emerging from the Agile movement, and most of the industry focused on process. Our co-founders Sandro and Mash questioned this approach. Why leave technical practices out? Good processes aren’t a replacement for quality technical practices. Why not combine them as the founders of Agile originally intended? This different perspective was echoed and solidified with the creation of a global Software Craftsmanship movement. 

The beliefs and principles we represent 

The goal of Software Craftsmanship is clear: raise the bar in the software industry through professionalism and technical excellence. Ingrained in this mindset is the desire to always be and do better - to continuously push the limits in pursuit of excellence. The eternal journey to mastery.

How this comes to life in our company

The craftsmanship ethos shaped who we are as a company. These values run through everything we do. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. It’s not just about software, but great UX, great strategy, great organisational alignment and great relationships; which we believe leads to our ultimate goal - customer satisfaction.

How we’re able to help you

Our influence goes beyond just helping you ‘get better at writing quality software’. We use our experience to advise and work alongside you to have a much wider impact on your culture, processes, architecture, solutions and products. As a result, we can help you achieve some pretty amazing things.

Tell us about your challenges to find out how we can help you

How we’re already making an impact

Clients count on us to help them solve complex problems using technology. Whether that means helping scale the UK’s fastest growing unicorn or being entrusted with a modernisation strategy for the largest electronic health record company in the US (while nearly 1 million medical professionals continue to use it daily to deliver care worldwide!).

Take a look at our clients page for a full list of our case studies

Our clients work in...

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