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Ad:Versity – The training course that brings you revenue 

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark when it comes to PPC? Missing out on money you deserve? Well, fear not! Dark Horse is here to shed some light on the subject with our PPC Ad:Versity training course distilled from years of experience. 

Ad:versity - the university for PPC. This series of videos, presented by Dave Karellen who has over 12 years' experience in PPC, will give you the knowledge needed to set up and manage your PPC account. And a bonus, it is a CPD accredited course.

Picture this...

You, soundly sleeping on a mattress made of £50 notes whilst your competitors are having sleepless nights – doing PPC right can make this happen, you just need the knowledge. Our PPC team collectively boasts a staggering 63 years of experience. That's right, we know our onions. It's like having a team of PPC Yoda’s guiding you on the path to digital domination.

Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to returns that will make your wallet sing. We want to empower marketers and business owners to take control of PPC campaigns in-house. And for those already well-versed in PPC, this training will help you unlock advanced features and tracking techniques that will blow your competition out of the water.

Want a sneak peek? Watch the video here: 

This training course has easily digestible videos, leading you from basic setup through to tracking, advanced optimisation and performance automation, you'll be dominating PPC ads in no time.

It is best suited to Marketers or Business Owners looking to start using PPC in-house or those Marketers who are currently using it in-house but want to increase their knowledge to include the use of more advanced features and tracking. Also, great for junior PPC executives looking to develop.

Learning objectives:
• To be able to set up Google products that support Google ads (Tag manager, merchant centre, analytics, ads)
• To set up and run campaigns
• To understand the higher level tracking and optimisation that can be applied to an account and that this may alter return on spend
• To effectively use PPC as a form of revenue

£495 (+ VAT) to massively improve your in-house PPC and bring bigger returns. A small investment to pay. 

Interested? Then sign up here: 

Remember, when it comes to PPC, we're the dark horse you need in your corner. Get ready to embrace the darkness and emerge as a PPC Jedi!

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